Take A Bite Out Of This Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf!


I have a husband that loves hamburgers. Boy oh boy does that man love to eat a hamburger. I am telling you what – we have eaten at almost every single hamburger place in our state! I do like a hamburger myself, but I don’t like to only eat hamburgers. I felt like my dinners were starting to revolve around hamburgers and fries! I knew that I had to come up with a solution so my husband would eat something else!

I really was the one that needed the break from the hamburger meals. So, I suggested that we try other hot sandwiches. He was not against that! Progress! We tried chicken sandwiches! I loved the one we tried! We tried a buffalo chicken sandwich which was awesome! My husband was less than impressed. The next night we tried having a roast beef sandwich with the french dip. I loved it again! My husband did not like that at all and suggested we grill hamburgers. Oh my!

I knew that I had to start getting creative. So, I really thought hard. What was I going to do?! And then it hit me! Start making some of the foods that I want to make feel like a hamburger! I started with this bacon and cheeseburger meatloaf! This was awesome! My husband was skeptical at first. Once he took a bite of this meatloaf he was in love@ He said it was so delicious that he didn’t miss eating the traditional hamburger! I had finally found the sweet spot to our dinners!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Real Restaurant Recipes.


Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite potato dish.