Baked Ziti That Can Only Be Described As Crazy!

Italian-style pasta dishes are a favorite in our house. Spaghetti, ravioli, anything with the red sauce on it, my family gobbles it right up. I try and save making them for when I know I am going to be able to put my toddler daughter in the bath right after dinner because she makes a mess let me tell you! I’m just so happy to be able to feed my family something they enjoy though. Some of the regular dishes that I make have kind of become dull and boring over the years, so I’m constantly on the hunt to find something new and tasty that is going to fit the bill my family is looking for.

This crazy baked ziti from Recipe Lion just happens to be one of those dishes that worked. I knew as soon as I read the ingredients that it was going to become a regular menu item. I made it just as it is written the first time and it was a huge favorite. I thought it needed something though, so now I add in some meat.

I have a hungry teenage son and a husband who usually doesn’t count anything as a meal unless there is meat in it. What’s nice about this is you can add in just about whatever type you want and it’s going to be good.


Recipe courtesy of Recipe Lion. Photo credits go to Budget Savvy Diva




Quick Tip: Try with some cut up smoked sausage.