All You Need Is 3 Ingredients? Count Me In!

We had some family coming from out of town to visit. They said they were going to swing into our house before they went out to dinner with some friends. That said that I needed to make some sort of appetizer to keep them from getting too hungry while they were here. I didn’t want to go too fancy with it though, as they weren’t going to be sticking around long. I found this recipe on The Comfort Of Cooking that only needed three ingredients so that sounded just about perfect for the occasion.

I couldn’t believe how easily these went together. When the family stopped over, they couldn’t stop raving about how good they were! They said that if they had known I was making these, they would have never made dinner plans. They stuck around for as long as they could before they had to leave with a promise to come back before they left town.

They did just that actually. They scheduled some more time to come and visit with us which was nice considering how busy I knew that they were. I made these for them again, because I knew that was part of the reason they wanted to come back. I was fine with it… they were soooo good!


Recipe and photo courtesy of The Comfort Of Cooking.



Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite mustard or other dipping sauce…. I like horseradish!