Jazz Up Your Afternoon Snack With These Smoked Paprika Egg Salad Bites!


I’m always on the search for a couple of things. First thing, something easy to make and keep in the fridge for lunches. Second thing, cute snack ideas to make for when friends come over. I love to play around with new ideas and see what works. Well, this time I have found a recipe that works for both of the things I mentioned above! This recipe is great!

I like love to have a sandwich spread in the fridge. It’s easy for me on the weekends and easy for the kids too. They are old enough to grab something for their own lunches on the weekends. I like to have something tasty for them to reach for. I also love to entertain and have girls night so I am on the search for cute little food bites to serve up when I have people over!

These smoked paprika egg salad bites are awesome! I love the flavors that’s in this egg salad. Seriously, is such a treat. My kids love egg salad and loved this recipe even more. It’s definitely something I keep on hand.

I also made the little egg salad bites when I had some friends over the other week and they just raved about it! It was such a delicious little finger food that I was glad that I made a bunch!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Benny Doro.


Quick Tip: Add a little jalapeno for a kick!