Give Me A Few Minutes And I’ll Give You The Greatest Banana Bread Recipe On The Planet!

I had a friend from high school, I know, so long ago, that was coming to town for a visit. See, I’m that person that never moved away from their hometown for her entire life. It seemed like every year, more and more people were leaving. Some went off to college right away. Others left later to find work. Then there were those that got married and went to live in the town that their new spouse was from. Whatever the case, I never went anywhere. I like it here and I’m staying.

Anyways, when she told me she was coming to town, I instantly wanted to set up a meeting. She suggested a coffee shop, but I said that was nonsense… just come to my house! I wanted to show off my beautiful home, seeings as I didn’t have any grand stories to tell about any adventures I took. This is where my time and energy went, and I wanted to show her.

Before she got in, I looked up a few recipes on All Recipes for a nice and easy, yet somewhat fancied up dessert to serve. I came up with this banana bread. It was just right for the occasion. She complimented me on my house, and my cooking. See, staying home isn’t always such a bad thing.

Recipe and photo courtesy of All Recipes.




Quick Tip: Toasted sesame seeds can be used instead of black.