Eating This Lemon Chicken Rice Soup Is Like Winning A Special Prize

I will always remember the look of relief on my Dad’s face whenever he went home and saw a warm supper waiting for him. He was always tired from working, and whenever he went home, he just wanted something warm. My Mom would always prepare stew or soup. We used to have anything we wanted for lunch, but supper needed to have something soupy for my Dad, who’s such a hard worker.

The same thing is happening at home. Weekends are special, and we can have anything we want for supper. However, during weekdays, I try my best to serve my husband something that could totally warm him up after such a long day.

He’s almost always tired, and sometimes he even forgets to eat. I always need to convince him to eat even just a little before he falls on the couch and sleeps there. Eating something heavy is not ideal before sleeping, so the best thing to make him is soup.

This lemon chicken rice soup is the perfect meal for these busy days. It’s warm, and with the complementing flavors of zest and savory. It’s also satisfying because there’s rice in there.

Your family will love this hearty soup that can also be considered a full meal. You don’t have to prepare anything else because this is a full meal. You just have to enjoy eating it with your family!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Delish.


Quick Tip: You can adjust the flavors if you like. This is a pretty flexible recipe.