Frosted, And Sweet, These Are The Perfect Chocolatey Treat!

Birthdays in my home were always a big deal.  They consisted of week long little surprises (you got to go in the front seat of the car all day instead of rotating with siblings, received little presents throughout the week, took a break from chores that week while siblings picked up the slack, etc).  My parents really did a great job in making us feel loved and giving us plenty of surprises to last throughout the week.

Then the night before, we would be locked up in our rooms all evening while the rest of the family decorated the kitchen with streamers, balloons and baked a homemade cake.  We set out all the gifts and took out our special birthday hat for the birthday person to wear.  It was fun and exciting and everyone positively loved it.

Well, on the day of your birthday, my parents would always order a basket of cookies from Cookies by Design.  If you are not familiar with those, they are basically soft cookies that are frosted to perfection in pretty designs and shapes.  We loved them, but they were so expensive, my parents saved them for special occasions like birthdays.  Well, these were always a hit and we knew we had to do something to eat more throughout the year.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Averie Cooks.


Quick Tip: Make these in any shape you’d like!