These Hearty, Tasty Crescents Are a Lifesaver On Those Busy Weekdays

Ahh, those rushed school nights or mornings headed out to church.  They really get the best of me sometimes.  Going crazy, finishing homework, getting everyone dressed and out the door for an occasion, making sure everyone has matching socks and combed hair.  With so many littles, it can be quite the challenge, but what I have noticed is that if one thing has to go in those crazy moments of life, it is usually a home cooked dinner.

I end up going to McDonalds and picking up something pretty yummy, but definitely not good for you. Well, my friends with this recipe, those days are over! I am a huge fan of ham and cheese sandwiches.

So what I have been doing to get myself going with at least something semi good for everyone, is prepare sandwiches in advanced and hand them out as we are heading out the door.  I know, I know, it is not necessarily a home cooked meal, but at least it is prepared at home! The only issue is, not everyone likes the same bread so it is a hassle.

That is why I have resorted to this deliciousness to solve that problem as well.  Everyone agrees on this one!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Six Sister’s Stuff.


Quick Tip: Dip these in your favorite sauce.