Everyone Wants To Devour This Giant Chipwich Cake!

I am not too much of a fan of food crossovers, but I always think desserts are exceptions. Because you can never go wrong with a dessert. You can experiment and put two desserts together without thinking that it will not go wrong. A cookie that has a cake version sounds great. An ice cream with a cake version or a doughnut version sounds amazing too. Lasagna desserts are totally sinful too! Yes, desserts are definitely the exceptions.

I already mention it all the time that my family is a fan of cookies. I feel like if there are giant cookies being sold at the grocery, we will always have a few stocks in our pantry. When I say giant, I meant the size of… a cake.

Oh wait! I actually found a recipe that gives us our dream giant cookie, except that it’s a cake. Or rather, it’s as big as a cake and it’s a sandwich!

Okay, I probably don’t make any sense. But basically, it’s a giant sandwich of two humongous cookies, which makes it a cake. You have to slice it like a cake so you can eat it.

Oh my goodness, my family is obsessed with this! It’s like a dessert dream come true for them. Their favorite things in one sweet treat is really too much!

You can even experiment with the cream inside. It’s a pretty flexible recipe that you can personalize for yourself and for your family. It’s an easy dessert that you will never have enough of!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Delish.


Quick Tip: Best to serve when chilled.