There Are Only 2 Steps Standing Between You And This Delicious Pot Roast

The other day, my neighbor Anne came running over my house, crock pot in tow.  I was so afraid that she was going to spill whatever is in there on my clean floor, but thankfully she did not.  However, she did drip a completely perfect line all the way from my front door to my kitchen. I was inwardly mortified, but I could not bring myself to be mad at her because she looked so happy!

I glanced inside the crock pot and could not really make out what she had brought over, so I waited for her leading to tell me what it was. Well, after she was settled, had put the TV to the Hallmark channel and we were watching a cheesy movie, she took out two bowls from my pantry, and a ladle from my utensils drawer and served us both a bowl of whatever she made.

I still was not too sure what it was, but it looked good.  She told me to take a bite.  So I did.  I was blown away.  I instantly knew it was pot roast, but I had never tried it like this.  It was so tender and practically melted in your mouth.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Taste of Home.


Quick Tip: Omit the brandy if you prefer.