Holy Casserole! This Ranch-Chicken-Potato Ensemble Just Stole The Show!

Casseroles are always my go-to recipe whenever I have nothing in mind. There are those days when you simply couldn’t think what to cook for your family. Sure, my family will eat anything that I cook for them, but I still have my moments when I’d rather be sure than sorry. I never liked wasting food, and I always want my family to enjoy what they’re eating all the time.

I found this ranch chicken potato casserole at Delish and immediately tried cooking it for my family. I have my own recipe of this, but since I was looking for something different that time, I tried this version. And I am truly glad that I did.

This ranch potato casserole has a certain touch to it that I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what since it makes use of almost the same ingredients. But whatever it is, it makes this dish extra special. There’s just something different about it that made it so much flavorful.

When I made this for my family, I had to adjust the ingredients a bit for the kids. Toning it down a bit always makes them appreciate the food more. My husband is always fine with it because the kids always come first.

Nevertheless, they all enjoyed this amazing recipe. And since I’m sure you and your family will too, I am sharing the full recipe on the next page.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Delish.


Quick Tip: Serve with a side dish of vegetables or salad.