You Are Never A Baking Rookie When Making This Brookie!

As my sons start to grow bigger as weeks pass, they also become more ravenous. They eat more now, and they also start to show partiality to certain food, most especially with desserts. My sons’ favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookie. They love milk, and they pair these cookies with it. I always see them dunking everything on their milk, and then drinking it afterwards, with crumbs in there and all. They’re developing a style in eating and I am not sure how to feel about that.

Don’t mind this sentimental Mom. It’s just that whenever I see even just a small breakthrough such as this, I feel like time is going so fast. They were just babies a few years ago and now they even dress themselves!

Anyway, a few nights ago, my sons requested for cookies. I relented because I haven’t baked their favorite cookies for a month now. I had been more into pies and cakes last month, and they always prefer the cookies.

Since I felt a little guilty of doing such, I decided to make this extra special for them. I found a recipe I wanted to try ever since and made that instead. It’s called brookie.

While brookies are not really something new, this recipe is pretty special. But you can only find out how special it is when you try it on your own.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Delish.


Quick Tip: Best paired with tea or coffee.