It’s Buttery, It’s Creamy, It’s More Than Just A Pie!

I love reading and I grew up reading all the books in our small library at home. I remember sneaking out at night just to snatch a book from the shelf and reading it until my eyes go all droopy. My parents would always find me at that lone chair, asleep, and with an encyclopedia or Reader’s Digest collection clutched in my arms. My husband used to wonder whether one of our sons will get that from me. Well, Calvin seems to follow my footsteps.

My husband and I teach the boys how to read. They can read slowly now, but Calvin seems to go progress faster than his brother. He always has a book in hand and he never fails to read every day.

Books bring us to different worlds and keep us relaxed, which is why we allow Calvin to just read and read until he wants to. I know what books do to a person, which is why I am an advocate of books. I prefer fiction more than non-fiction though.

So why am I talking about books? Well this recipe that I am about to share with you comes from a popular fiction series. It’s one of the numerous food mentioned in there that always makes my mouth water.

And now, making it is in your hands. And I am sure your family, most especially your kids, will love this!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Delish.


Quick Tip: If desired, melt the candy melts and mold into desired shapes to use for decoration.