Eating This Fluffy Unicorn Cheesecake Feels Like Munching On Rainbows!

There are times when you wake up thinking about life. Sometimes it’s triggered by a dream; sometimes by the subconscious. I learned in a psychology class before that whatever it is you’ve been thinking in the last few days tend to just show itself, catching you by surprise. That’s just how our mind works, teaming up with the heart that makes us think about a lot of things at the same time.

I am getting a bit sentimental. It’s just that I am a pretty pessimistic person before, but when I finally had a family, my pessimistic point of view changed to a positive one. Hope is always present in my decisions with regards to my family nowadays.

Life is not all about the good things. Or in other words, not all about sunshine and rainbows. So we always need to know how to adjust, and hope is the only answer.

Hope brings color to our black and white lives, and it makes them more interesting. Just like this unicorn cheesecake that my family came to love. It doesn’t only taste good; it also looks really good, which makes everyone just adore it.

One slice of this and my family will have those smiles etched on their faces. The decadent cheesecake with all its colors is just so over-the-top! This is truly a wonderful cheesecake recipe that everyone will appreciate!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Delish.


Quick Tip: Served best with tea or coffee.