How To Make Mind-Blowing Shredded Chicken For Your Tacos

I am a huge Mexican food fan.  I go to a Mexican restaurant at least once a week (usually after church on Sunday) and then make myself tacos almost every day at home.  I know, it is strange, but they are just so incredibly delicious.  They are full of flavors that I love to eat, are incredibly simple to make, and have so much wonderful goodness inside that every bite of a crunchy taco makes me want more!

I absolutely love that they are so easy to make at home and I can have them whenever my little heart desires! Well with that being said, I used to make my tacos very simple: chicken, cheese and sour cream.  I would either fry the chicken in a tablespoon of oil until cooked, or I would bake it for 20 minutes at 425 until it was cooked through.

Both ways were tasty, they just did not seem authentic.  That is when I decided I was going to start making shredded chicken like I get in a restaurant.  I looked up a recipe and found one made in the slow cooker that is as easy as can be.  SO simple, straightforward and let me tell you, totally delicious!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Sweet Little Blue Bird.


Quick Tip: Add some hot sauce if you’d like a bit of a kick to it!