Go Loco Over This Slow Cooker Kahlua Pork!

I tried making this pulled pork because my friend suggested this and told me this will be a pretty good investment when it comes to food preparation. I knew what she meant because I did the same thing with chicken a few weeks ago. I used the shredded chicken to cook soup, make sandwich, and salads; and I think that’s pretty convenient. The only thing different between this recipe and that, is the cooking time. Since this is pork and it has a more compact mass, there is longer cooking process.

I researched about kalua and learned that it’s a Hawaiian method of cooking that uses some sort of underground oven. It’s also used to name a meat that’s cooked in this method like kalua pork or even kalua turkey. They’re the ones usually served during a luau.

This kalua pig recipe is cooked in a slow cooker instead of in an oven. But the flavors going on in this particular recipe stays true to its title. This is a simple recipe that has strong flavors on it.

Just like what the recipe from Recipe Girl suggested, this needs a bit of cooking time. So if your slow cooker’s maximum time is not as long as this, you can adjust your timer. It will all be worth it!

You can make this into anything you want – sandwich, soup, or stew. It’s a pretty convenient recipe that requires no huge effort from you. Go ahead and try this!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Recipe Girl.


Quick Tip: You can make lettuce wraps out of it- add lettuce, tomato, guacamole, cheese or whatever you’d like.