Chicken Is Better With Lime Butter. This Recipe Proves It!

Whenever my parents or my in laws visit, they usually check in at a hotel instead of staying with us. They usually explore the city all by themselves. Sometimes, they ask us to bring them somewhere, but most of the time, they just move around a lot by themselves. One thing is always consistent though- we always have dinner together during their last day in the city. God knows when they will be able to visit again and when we will be able to visit too.

During my in-laws’ last day on their last visit, they brought the kids with them. We wanted them to spend time with their grand children and my husband and I allowed the kids to go. They truly missed their grandparents and it’s about time that they had their time together.

It was a weekday so my husband was at work while I was home alone. I was able to finish more work that I should and was able to prepare a simple dinner for everyone. I knew my in-laws loved simple food.

I prepared this simple chicken with lime butter dish that just tasted really good. The chicken meat was moist and tender, and the sauce added to its already juicy flavor. For dessert, I prepared a simple chocolate cream pie.

That night, we had a really good and satisfying meal. Well, good meal and good company. Because it always feels nice to have family over.

Photo courtesy of House of Yumm. Recipe courtesy of Recipe Girl.


Quick Tip: Serve with steamed vegetables on the side.