How To Make The Juiciest Short Ribs – In Your Slow Cooker!

Ethan is probably one of my wittiest nephews. It’s because he is curious about a lot of things so he asks about a lot of things. He is one of those who, when he sees a cluster of adults, goes to them instead of going to the cluster of kids. It’s because he wants to listen to adult conversations and ask things that made him curious. We don’t send him away if there’s nothing very adult-y with what we’re talking about.

We enjoy his curious questions and we enjoy answering him at times. Sometimes, Ethan arrives to a conclusion all by himself. He pieces information that he hears and then announces to us what he comes up with.

One time, while we, the younger generation were waiting for our beef short ribs to cook, Ethan entered the kitchen. He asked us what we were cooking and we told him we’re trying our hand in Aunt Carmen’s beef short ribs recipe. He kept asking a few more questions regarding the recipe and waited for us to explain.

He silenced us all when he finally talked again and said, “Mom always cooks short ribs for me. I think that’s the reason why I’m short, Auntie.” Okay, nuff said.

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Quick Tip: You can use the leftover sauce to marinate chicken and cook them on the grill.