Over-The-Top Pistachio Cake With White Chocolate Frosting!

When I was a kid, I remember getting excited whenever Aunt Lily came over to visit. Aunt Lily and her husband loved to travel. They often went to different states together and flew to different countries. Aunt Lily would always have souvenirs for us, and she usually brought them to us right after they arrived home. I loved it when she brought home food, most especially food that wasn’t common in our town.

One of her favorite souvenirs for us was a package of pistachio nuts. While pistachios were not really uncommon, the ones she brought home for us had different flavors. For a kid, that was really an extraordinary thing already.

I didn’t even care about the brand. My Mom would usually tear off the packaging and pour everything into a large jar. We were then free to get some from the jar every time we felt like snacking on different-flavored pistachios.

This pistachio cake with white chocolate frosting reminds me of those pistachio nuts. This recipe has a different touch to it, but it still tastes good. The flavor of the pistachios complement the flavor of the white chocolate frosting.

This is a simple cake recipe that my family fell in love with. It doesn’t even have a full frosting, but it already tastes decadent and really yummy. I am pretty sure your family will love this as much as mine does!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Bake Or Break.


Quick Tip: If you’re a big frosting fan, make extra and frost the sides as well.