Decadent Ice Cream Flavor On A Cheesecake? You’re On!

My family is always excited whenever we find a cake counterpart of our favorite ice cream dessert. Let’s admit it, cakes are far more season-friendly than ice cream. I mean sure, even if it’s winter, you can still eat ice cream. But your body won’t probably agree with you. Unlike cakes. You can eat cake and pair it off with a steaming cup of tea or coffee and you will be okay. I am making sense, right?

So my family and I always rejoice if I tell them I found a recipe that transforms their favorite ice cream to cake. I remember that cookies and cream cheesecake. My kids were so excited they wouldn’t get out of the kitchen until it’s done.

This butter pecan cheesecake recipe from Bake Or Break tastes like butter pecan ice cream. Oh yes! It tastes just like that but in cake form… who am I to say no to it?

Butter pecan is a favorite flavor of my husband. He was the one who went crazy when I made this cheesecake for my family. He couldn’t stop expressing his love for it!

My sons love this cheesecake recipe too. They haven’t tried butter pecan ice cream, but with the way they finished their slices told me just how they will love it. We’ll probably become one butter pecan ice cream loving family!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Bake Or Break.


Quick Tip: If you like, try a cookie crust instead of a shortbread crust.