I Do A Little Dance Every Time This Is On The Menu!

I love Mexican food. It is definitely one of my favorites and something that I honestly eat quite often. When my husband and I got out to eat, Mexican is always on the top of my list, from the fast food type, to a sit-down restaurant. And even when we do not go to a restaurant, I still eat tacos somewhere between two to three times a week. I just love everything about them, and the flavors in them. I cannot get enough!


My problem is always not having enough meat on hand for those days where I am craving a good taco. I will eat tacos with anything from ground beef, to shredded chicken and even pulled pork. Any of them really make a taco great, but my favorite and probably the most classic is shredded chicken. My only issue is how do I prepare it? That is when I discovered this recipe for slow cooker salsa chicken. It has all the flavors I love in a chicken taco, but I can prepare it in advance in my slow cooker and then refrigerate the rest so it is good to go whenever I am in the mood for a taco.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Healthy Liv.




Quick Tip: Add any of your favorite veggies to this.

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