Layers Of Fruity Goodness With Cheesecake Filling

I love a good cheesecake. What I do not like about cheesecake is that it usually requires so much time and effort. But mostly, time. You have to wait for that baby to settle beautifully before you even think of pulling it out of the spring form pan or it might just crumble before your very eyes. So, unless you are making a no-bake cheesecake, you really will not be eating Cheesecake until tomorrow. Which is annoying. I know. That is why I figured there has to be a way to get all the elements of a cheesecake without actually making a full cheesecake.


I thought of maybe taking cheesecake flavored instant Jell-O pudding and then doing something with it. But I did not just want to fill a pie crust. That was too boring. I realized I still had leftover cherries and strawberries in my fridge so I knew I would be using those as well. I kept thinking and came up with this idea. It is a trifle layered dessert of cheesecake flavoring. It has whipped cream, instant cheesecake pudding, and berries all in a layer. It is easy, flavorful and you do not have to wait ages to enjoy it. That is my kind of dessert!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Six Sister’s Stuff.




Quick Tip: Use your favorite type of berries in this.

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