This Old-Fashioned Beef Stew Recipe Is So Good You Won’t Need To Be Called To Dinner Twice!

Other than the food, I enjoy hearing the stories behind them. I’m a writer. It’s a natural instinct to listen to wonderful storytelling by the people involved. I automatically store them in my memories because they can serve as a future inspiration for a story or an article. One of the most amusing stories I have ever heard was from Angelina’s family. A few months ago, she invited us to stay in their farm for a week. She knew how stressed we all were, and her parents agreed to host us, her friends for a few days. It’s been a really relaxing vacationgood food, fun company, no work, no bills, no any other adult matters to deal with.

Every night, there was a different menu. During our last dinner in the place, Angelina’s Mom served us her version of old-fashioned beef stew. It has everything on it—a flavorful sauce, potatoes, carrots, peas, and the most succulent and tender beef. She also told us how it was the reason she and Angelina’s father were married. It had been a competition between her and another girl who was a childhood friend of her husband, but her old-fashioned beef stew got the approval of Angelina’s father’s parents. So she won! She won over their stomachs as well as their hearts.


Photo and recipe courtesy of The Southern Lady Cooks.




Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite type of bread.

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