You Won’t Believe What These Chicken Thighs Are Swimming In!

Check out what my friends at Good Home Recipes have to say about these fabulous honey baked chicken thighs:


I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a chicken dish and wanted to eat it more than I do right now.  You could actually eat this by itself and still have a good meal…it’s that tasty.  So tasty in fact that you might not make chicken any other way after making this.  Even though this recipedoesn’t call for it you can marinate this for an hour or so and it makes the meat even tastier…but that is totally your call.







Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line an 8×8 pan with a double layer of aluminum foil.

Whisk together all the sauce ingredients. Place the chicken thighs in the pan and pour the sauce on top of it. Make sure you coat all the chicken.

Bake uncovered for 40 minutes, keeping an eye on the chicken so that it won’t burn on the surface. If they’re browning too quickly, cover them with foil.

When the chicken is done, remove from oven and let sit for 5 minutes before serving.





Quick Tip: Use Kikkoman soy sauce or anything high-quality sauce for best results.

Thank you to Good Home Recipes for this meal idea.


Your picture looks like your chicken has skin on them, but still going to try recipe. I always use boneless,skinless thighs. Best part of the chicken!!!

Sounds delicious, but the picture is certainly NOT boneless skinless thighs. There is definitely bone AND skin in the picture.

I love your recipes, but… order to print them out, it takes 4 sheets of paper and the whole recipes don’t fit on a regular size paper. Something is wrong.

nothings wrong with the page you need to change your printers settings. or highlight and choose what you want to print.. I hope this was helpful . Also if you have microsoft office you can highlight -choose copy and go to the microsoft office software open it up and choose a new blank document and paste the recipe to the page and save..

I have the same problem Roz. I don’t get a print icon from this site, so whatever I print is formatted with all sorts of ads and junk in the margins. I have resorted to screen shots to my hard drive, and then organizing four or more screen shots to a single page before printing. It works, but it’s a nuisance. It’s an artifact of the website, however. Other sites offer a print option, and then it’s easy.

Make sure all excess fat is cut off. Also, could completely remove skins (to reduce fat). I warmed the thighs in microwave (if bone is warm, will cook more quickly), then slightly sautéed in about 1/2′ of canola & olive oil, turning after approx. 1-2 min per side. Drained on paper towels, patted off excess oil. Placed in crockpot, poured sauce over. Cooked on high to start, then reduced after couple hours.

Since you can’t eat the photo, better go with the recipe! Doesn’t matter what the pic shows, most of you are guessing because you really can’t tell! Usually you go with the recipe, why are so many of you affixed on the damn pic?

When you print…just print pages 1-2…you don’t have to print the whole thing. Turned out on and bones in lol

Really ? why are all of you so focused on bone in bone out or skinless use what you like .. just make the recipe and try it. I used steaks and it was fantastic. I also prepared tiny potatoes… and fresh green beans… Stop with all the small stuff and just get on with cooking.

What is WRONG with you woman,, you sound like you have never COOKed before,, must be ALL DRAMA Queens what is the diffents if the bone &skin in on …, if you dont like the bone or skin TAKE it off whats so hard about that use you brain once in a while ?????????????????????

HAven’t you seen a boneless, skinless chicken thigh/ It’s usually a mangled mess! So relax…the skin-on thighs (which I prefer) look way much better in a photo.

You have got to be kiddin’ me…this is a heart attack waitin’ to happen. You are cooking the fattiest part of the chicken ,and eating the fat as your sauce…does anyone edit these recipes…Come on Man get Real!

If I made this recipe I would alter it a lot. I to don’t want a heart attack. I would use boneless skinless chicken breasts. I would use half the sesame oil and none of the vegetable oil. I would use all the spices as directed, but only half the honey low sodium soy sauce would be ok.

What’s with all of the Nazi’s trashing this recipe due to skin on the chicken? Try the recipe making it any way you want, or not…just shut up already…it’s a friggen recipe…and we don’t care how you make yours, or what YOU think is better for anybody else. Jeez!!

Jessica…Thank you for posting! I appreciate the effort involved!!

“Bone in, boneless, skin on skin off. WAH! I don’t know how to use my printer.” I am a guy and I know I can use any number of different meats for this in any form I like. I ma not a super cook, but I can wade thru the morass and fix something worth eating. I like your recipes. Simple, straight forward, not a lot of fancy spices that I don’t have or couldn’t find if I did. If it gets too complicated I have to get my bride to fix it and I have learned nothing and she just thinks I am lazy. Give it a rest, ladies.

For all of you that need printer help. Highlight the portion of the recipe you want to print, press (Control + C) Open your word program. Most of us have one somewhere in that computer. Click on the page. Press (Control + V). You “should” have the recipe there on the page. Save if you want, or just print it out.

I’m gonna try this, but with molasses in place of the honey. (Big time allergy!) Looks to be a winner to me! Thanks for the recipe jessicafaidley!

I have made these for years! SOOOOO good. When the kids (and big guys, too) have wanted buffalo wings, I made these using wings or the little drummettes. I just called them Chinese Chicken Wings. Scrumptious!

I have made this recipe many times.. Have used breasts and also with just thighs. The skin on or bone in or out……made both ways. Either way…..amazing recipe. Smells heavenly when cooking and tastes even better!! Thanks for posting such a delish recipe!!


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