6 x Chicken Dinner: How To Cure The Picky Eater Syndrome

6 chicken dinner recipes creamy garlic chicken

Time To Stock Up On Chicken ‘Cause You’ll Want To Make These Recipes Again And Again

Every mommy and daddy should have a stash of delicious chicken dinner recipes they can turn to, when nothing else seems to be good enough for the picky eaters.

These six meals are all tried and true recipes that have saved my life so many times over the years. I love my son – but I gotta tell you, he doesn’t always make it easy being a mom! One week he won’t eat his veggies, the next he doesn’t want to see ground beef anywhere near his plate, and would you believe he even said no to mac and cheese the other day? It’s quite the struggle sometimes, trying to figure out what to make for dinner!

Every time I find a recipe that he really enjoys, I make sure to hold on to it forever. So far I’ve had most luck with chicken dinners; I’ve collected an impressive amount of easy chicken recipes that I make whenever my son seems to be having one of his difficult eating phases.

These recipes are not only his favorites; our whole family is in love with these. There’s no way we’ll ever have any leftovers when I make these!


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