Now This Is The Way That Spaghetti Should Be Done

How to take the easy road and end up with this amazing meal.

If there’s one dish in my family that everyone can agree on eating it’s spaghetti. From my picky 2 year old all the way up to my picky husband, there are never any complaints when I serve spaghetti. Paired up with a nice garden salad and some warm breadsticks, it’s almost better than going out to eat. The only problem is, I am stuck in the kitchen working over boiling pans for longer than what I want to be.

Baked dishes are my favorite, because I can toss them in the oven and get outside or go work on other things without having to babysit dinner. This baked spaghetti from Relative Taste was like an answer to my prayers. I made it in place of our traditional spaghetti the very next chance I got.

The addition of the cheese on top makes everyone love it even more. I will often try and separate the pan so that half of it has all the veggies that I like and the other half is plain and perfect for the picky ones. Try adding in some black olives or any other veggies you love. You can’t mess this one up!

Recipe courtesy of Relative Taste. Photo credits go to QUILTandCAFE.


Quick Tip: Do up a mix of ground beef and ground sausage for a new taste.