A Potato Salad Everyone Can Get On Board With

I Always Make This For Our Family Reunions And It Disappears Faster Than You Can Imagine!

We had to travel out of state for my cousin’s wedding. It was going to be the first trip that my three-month-old had ever been on that took that long. I was a little nervous to say the least. I felt like I had packed up our entire house into the back of the mini van. I didn’t want to get stuck there without something. My husband kept telling me to relax. They had stores where we were going if we ran out of something we could just go and buy it. No big deal.

That made me feel a little better. Of course… I didn’t even think of that. So, we loaded up and headed out. It was a 9 hour car ride, but we made it. We left at night, that way the baby slept most of the way. I didn’t sleep a wink though. Thankfully, when we got there, my Aunt had some food out for us. I was starving!

She had some sandwich meat and fresh veggies, as well as this ranch potato salad that I couldn’t stop eating. The recipe was a lot like this one from Group Recipes. I don’t know if it was from being so stressed and tired, or if it was because it was so darn good.. but I nearly polished off the whole bowl myself!

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes. Photo credits go to Premeditated Leftovers.


Quick Tip: Add a little hot sauce for a spicier salad.