Grandma’s Famous Soft And Chewy Chocolate Cookies

It never mattered the month, day, season, or occasion, my Grandma was always baking up cookies. I don’t think that her oven ever shut off. There was constantly a fresh batch of cookies coming out of there. She would often have to slap our hands away from the hot pan because we just couldn’t wait to taste them. She wanted us to let them cool, but I always loved a hot and fresh cookie straight from the pan. I can’t tell you how many times I burnt my tongue!

I thought I was being sneaky, but Grandma always knew what I was up to. She would usually just look the other way smiling. Pretending that she didn’t see us as something that she was pretty darn good at too. I couldn’t be mad at her for that in this situation.

When she passed away last year, after the mourning process had been completed, I started to think of those fond memories of the cookies she used to make. It made be realize that I never got the recipe! I thought that it was lost forever, until I found the same one on Group Recipes. I’m pretty sure that heaven sent an angel to make sure that I saw these little morsels.


Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes.



Quick Tip: Use 1/2 butter or margarine and 1/2 Crisco for even better results!