You’ll Want To Dance The Mashed Potato After Trying This Twist On The Dish

The only recipe you’ll ever need for mashed potatoes.

Whenever we have a big meal whether it be a holiday, birthday, or just because we want to get together, you can bet that there is always going to be mashed potatoes and gravy somewhere on the table. Even in the hot summer months when I like to do potatoes on the grill, I wouldn’t dare having a dinner without the beloved mashed. My husband for one would probably lose his mind. I don’t think he feels that a dinner is complete without a choice of mashed potatoes, even if he doesn’t take them.

When it’s hot outside, I don’t want to stand over the stove with boiling hot potatoes. I can’t leave them out though either, so that’s why these sour cream and chive potatoes in the slow cooker are the best answer. You can do them without warming up the house at all.

I like to get these started first thing in the morning, that way I’m not stuck peeling potatoes when there are so many other things to be done. Cleanup is so easy too, especially if you line up your slow cooker properly.

Recipe courtesy of NeighborFood. Photo credits go to The Garlic Diaries.


Quick Tip: Serve with additional sour cream or your favorite gravy.