I’ll Never Say Another Bad Thing About Sloppy Joes As Long As I Live!

When my son was having a going away party for one of his friend’s that was living for the military, he decided to ask me if we could have it at our house, after he already told everyone that he could. That’s typical of him though, so it wasn’t really a big surprise. His friend that was leaving practically grew up at our house though, so I wasn’t going to have any issue sending him off in the proper way to serve our country. That included making up an awesome dinner that he would love.

I recalled the first time that he came to our house to eat, I asked him what his favorite food was and he told me sloppy joes. I don’t know how I remembered that, but I did. That’s exactly what I was going to make… except for in a grown up version.

This recipe from NeighborFood was going to be the star of the night, and  I didn’t have any doubts. I was so confident in that in fact, I made up a triple batch of it. We had about 20 fellas coming to eat, and I was worried that wasn’t going to be enough.


Recipe and photo courtesy of NeighborFood.




Quick Tip: Add more brown sugar for a sweeter mix.