Let Your Slow Cooker Do The Early Morning Work With This Breakfast Casserole

I spent the first five years of each of my kids life at home. Meaning that I was a stay-at-home mom up until my youngest child was five and started going to school full-time. That’s when I decided it was time to work on myself. I had to do something for me. I went back to school and started a career. Considering I had my oldest child right out of high school, I never really had a working life. My main priority was to take care of my babies. Now they were taking care of themselves.

It was important to me that I schedule my school and then my job around the times that my kids were in school. I didn’t want to miss out on anything important in their lives. That lasted up until they were in high school, and then things got really busy. Being a mom got even more difficult with a full-time, demanding career.

Thankfully, I had recipes like this one from NeighborFood in my cook book that helped me on those super busy mornings when I knew there wasn’t going to be time to make up a good breakfast or everyone.


Recipe courtesy of NeighborFood. Photo credits go to All Kinds Of Yumm.



Quick Tip: You can skip the sriracha or salsa and just use ketchup if you like.