A Slice Of Sour Cream Pound Cake A Day Helps You Work, Rest, And Play!


I am part of our local school’s event committee. I help put the different events on that school is having. Plays, dances, sporting events, fund raising events, and so much more. I have such a great time being a part of this committee. All of my children are out of school and I missed their school programs so it’s nice to be a part of this. Myself and the other people handle all of the planning! We absolutely love it!

The committee and I meet weekly to discuss the up coming events and what we are going to do. We sometimes will meet at a restaurant, but lately we have been meeting at each others homes. It’s more comfortable and we can be as loud as we need to be without disrupting anyone else’s dinner! A few weeks ago it was my turn to host and I thought why not have everyone over? Put some life into the house!

So, I had to think of something to munch on why we were planning. Everyone was coming over after dinner time so I knew that I had to make something that was dessert and preferably that would go with coffee. After thinking for a while I decided to make this delicious sour cream pound cake! Oh my goodness this pound cake turned out delicious. There was not one piece left! One of the best meetings we had!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Baking Bites.


Quick Tip: Keep this cake covered and it will keep for several days.