Break Out Of the Ordinary With These Red Velvet Swirl Brownies!


My son wanted to have a little party for Christmas one year. He had just turned 14 and was always super social! He still is! Well, he wanted to have some of his friends from school over to celebrate winter break. My first thought was how many kids are we talking?? We have a really nice finished basement so it really wasn’t a problem to have a little party.

My son decided that he wanted to invite 20 kids from his class over. At first I was trying to envision what it was like to have 20 more kids in my house. I felt a little crazy, but I thought why not. My kids are only young once so why not let them have some good safe fun at home! At least they weren’t trying to go out and do something crazy! So, we started planning.

The most important thing for my son was the food. I guess they were too old for games. No pin the tale on the donkey anymore!

So, we started talking snacks. He said I couldn’t make anything cutesy. Well, I did manage to get some sort of cute in. I mean I just couldn’t help myself. I saw this recipe and I wanted to make them….mostly so I could try them! Turns out everyone else loved my red velvet swirl brownies too! They were gobbled up in no time!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Sprinkle Some Sugar.


Quick Tip:Serve with french vanilla ice cream.