Don’t Forget To Make The Cornbread!


So, today it’s time to talk breads. I will say that Oprah Winfrey and I have one thing in common. We both love bread and will proclaim it on national television if we have to! I have to have some sort of bread on the table for every dinner. I just have to! It’s how I grew up as there was always bread and butter on the table at dinner time when I was growing up.

I love making fresh breads too. I do have a bread maker, but for some reason I love to make my breads in the oven. I also love making biscuits of all kinds I love making homemade buttermilk biscuits. A meal is perfect when you can serve piping hot biscuits that you tear a part and smear some butter on top of it and watch it melt! MMM yum!

Now there is one bread that I love to make and that is cornbread! I love the taste of cornbread. It just goes so perfect with certain meals. You just have to love it! I love cornbread because you can really change it up. This recipe s perfect! Jalapeno cornbread can really turn your dinner up a notch and it’s super easy because you can make it in your crock pot! Try it out and you will make this again and again!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Skinny Ms.


Quick Tip:Serve with your favorite chili.