Give Me Just 7 Minutes And You Will Be In Heaven With This Cake!


I think we can all remember going to parties when we were in junior high. If we were lucky our parents would allow us to have boys and girls there. We were all shy of course. But after a while we would start playing games and then everyone would start talking. It was a really fun time! I love thinking back to those old memories of being so young and innocent.

Although we weren’t completely innocent! Who remembers the game 7 minutes in heaven? Oh my goodness! How awkward were we! Smooching in a closet for minutes? Oh to go back to such cute innocent moments! Well, I have to tell you that the parties for myself are much different these days and so is the meaning of 7 minutes in heaven!

When I am referring to 7 minutes in heaven I am talking about this delicious cake! LOL Oh how things change as you become an adult and then an older adult. I would much rather indulge in a delicious angel food cake then smooch in a closet any day! This cake is really good. It’s also super easy to make and tastes wonderful! It literally takes n time to put together!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Delish.


Quick Tip: Sprinkle white chocolate chips on top.