This Hot Sloppy Joe Dip Will Have You Doing Back Flips!

It was game day. Our favorite team was playing in the playoffs, and we had invited all of our friends over to watch the big event take place. We were so excited, I don’t think we slept the night before. We are die hard fans, so this was a really big deal to us. I got up with the roosters and started thinking about what kinds of dishes I wanted to make for everyone to enjoy during the event. I remembered that sloppy Joes always went over well, but we were already having pulled pork sandwiches.

I saw a recipe on All Recipes weeks earlier for a sloppy Joe dip, and it suddenly came back to me in that moment. That was going to be perfect. With those two food items, I would be all set. They were both hearty and filling, and they were sure to keep people satisfied.

Everyone showed up, made a plate, and parked themselves in front of the television. The plates were cleared before the game even started I think. It was a good thing that I made big ol’ batches of food, because everyone went back for seconds and even thirds… oh yeah, and we won!

Recipe and photo courtesy of All Recipes.




Quick Tip: Save time and use Manwich sloppy Joe mix.