Could I Please Have These For Every Meal, For The Rest Of My Life?

I think it was Girl Scouts when I had my very first hobo dinner. It was either that or 4-H camp. Now that I’m older, a little, not much, those two events tend to blend together a bit. All that I do know, is that they were so tasty! Not only that, they were also really simple to make. I mean, we were just kids and we all made our own little bowls without any issues. So, when my husband and I started camping, I knew that we had to add these to the list of meals we were going to enjoy during the weekend.

I found a recipe on six sisters’ stuff to follow just in case I wasn’t remembering things correctly. They had it written pretty similar to what I recalled from my youth. The first time we took these, me and the hubby and my oldest son couldn’t get enough of them. We each had a few servings they were so good.

I love the fact that there really are no dishes or no mess with these. Which I suppose, is why they are perfect for camping. They are also really nice when you are doing a staycation too. You can give your family the setting of being out roughing it, without actually having to go anywhere.

Recipe courtesy of six sisters’ stuff. Photo credits go to Mommysavers.



Quick Tip: Try with chicken and pepper jack cheese!