You Can’t Resist This Chocolaty Recipe

Going to school was one of the best things I experienced as a child. As kids, we only have limited freedom. We couldn’t do many things without the supervision of adults. When my Mom first told me that I would go to school, I could still remember the feeling of being happy. It felt like I would be exploring another world and it excited and scared me at the same time. This type of feeling could only exist if you felt like it’s worth it. School was worth it for me- it was another world to explore.

But as I experienced school, the ideal view I had once about it was totally wiped out. Reality bit me and told me it wasn’t going to be easy. Making friends wasn’t going to be easy; school subjects weren’t going to be like a walk in the park.

I wasn’t bullied as a kid, but I remember being shy about making friends. I was an introvert, you see; and it’s quite difficult for me to become sociable. It was only during my second year in school that I was able to open up a little.

The only thing which would make me happy after school was Mom’s cooking. She would always serve me a slice of cake to cheer me up. I had a few favorites, but one of them has to be Mom’s chocolate pound cake.

Mom’s pound cake reminded me of this recipe that I am about to share with you. It’s a simple pound cake that will be an instant hit to your family or friends. Please flip over to the next page so you can check it out.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Kitchn.


Quick Tip: Sour cream can be omitted and buttermilk or yogurt can be substituted.