Fall Under The Spell Of This Scrumptious Caramel Cake

It was my Mom’s birthday last weekend. My family and my brother’s family went on a road trip together so we could arrive just in time for her birthday. Mom’s 60 and we wanted to make her happy. She wanted us to be there for her birthday, and it’s a simple request that we granted her. She was so happy seeing her grandchildren for her birthday. We had a simple family celebration that involved a lot of homemade meals cooked by Mom.

My husband was one of the happiest. Being a fan of Mom’s cooking, he would give anything not to miss a dish. But we’re all fans of Mom’s cooking so all of us were as happy as him.

I and Jenny, my sister-in-law, made a caramel cake for her. It’s our contribution for her birthday. Mom loved this caramel cake from a bakery in town, but we wanted to try our version for this and she agreed. I have to say that Jenny and I were successful because the cake was gone in minutes.

We got the caramel cake recipe from The Kitchn. This caramel cake is the perfect balance of sweetness- you won’t be overwhelmed by the caramel icing. You will appreciate this because it tastes just right.

Mom had a wonderful birthday. We all wished her good health and long life. Since she already has what she wished for all those years, those are the best wishes for her.

The caramel cake wasn’t lucky though. It was gone even before the light shone on it.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Kitchn.


Quick Tip: Swap some of the granulated sugar for brown sugar for a caramel-like sweetness.