This Upside-Down Carrot Cake Deserves An Award!

Forget everything you thought you knew about carrot cakes and try this amazing recipe!

Whenever I say carrot cake, my twins’ ears will perk up and they will go straight to me and will look me over, searching for that piece of heavenly sweet. Our sons love carrot cake so much most especially if it has a thick slab of cream cheese frosting. You should see them murder a slice of cake each. They will not stop until their plates are clean and their faces full of cream cheese smudges.

Carrot cake is probably one of the cakes I learned to cook while I was younger. It’s a classic recipe so it’s one of those that Mom had taught me. I might have remembered a few unsuccessful attempts that’s why when I was finally able to make one, I felt happy.

If carrot cake was on the menu, I expect my family to finish at least half of the cake. My husband truly has a huge appetite and he can finish two slices in minutes. I’m not so bad myself, but I am cutting down on my sugar recently.

This carrot cake version from The Kitchn surprised my family though. It’s an upside-down carrot cake that doesn’t taste like the usual carrot cake. However, it has its own magnificent appeal that you can’t turn down.

You don’t believe me? You have to try it.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Kitchn.


Quick Tip: You can add nuts on top if you like.