Summon Your Big Appetite With This Honey Lime Salmon Wrapped In Foil

Celebrating special occasion in the family means we get to cook those food that we don’t cook for our everyday meals. Usually, this includes what I call “luxury ingredients”- lamb, ribs, and salmon. A few days ago, I received good news from one of my clients. The project that I spearheaded was doing so well that they were planning to hire my team again. I think thatc aleld for a major celebration, so I immediately went to the grocery to buy the things I need for a hearty dinner for my family.

I always look for an excuse to cook salmon. It’s the “family fish”; we all love it as much as we love meat. However, there are very rare times when I can cook it.

That night, I decided to use salmon and followed this recipe from Le Creme Dela Crumb- baked honey cilantro lime salmon in foil. It’s an easy recipe that resulted to an amazing fish meal you will never forget. My sons and my husband were sniffing the fish before eating it- they do that whenever they find a meal really appetizing to them.

My husband and I had wine that night- it’s the perfect pair for the salmon. We toasted to more projects and to more blessings. To the future and for the future.

If you want a copy of this recipe, head on over to the next page. You can find the full list of ingredients and instructions in there.

Photo and recipe courtesy of La Crème Dela Crumb.


Quick Tip: Don’t stress about the size of your salmon fillet. This recipe is very forgiving and works for one very large salmon, a couple of medium-sized fillets, or even several small individual fillets.