Don’t Panic- This Honey Balsamic Chicken Is Out To Save The Day

Sheet pan food is common today, isn’t it? Other than crockpot recipes, this is probably one of the most prevalent food lately. I probably cooked a couple of sheet pan recipes just this week; and I am pretty sure I will still cook more of them in the weeks to come. They’re easy to prepare than most recipes; and the meat is usually easy to season. It’s suited to a family like mine who has busy parents and kids who just enjoy any food that tastes good.

I keep visiting the website called Le Crème Dela Crumb in the past few days. I keep searching for recipes that I can try for my family. They have an arsenal of recipes that are family friendly, and which will be appreciated by anyone.

I found a new chicken recipe from this site that uses the most amazing sauce I have ever tasted. I am not much of a sauce person, but this one turned me into a sauce-obsessed mom. I didn’t expect that this will taste this good.

My family was all for it- you should see their faces when they first had a bite of the chicken with honey balsamic sauce. I couldn’t blame them; I probably looked the same. The combination of flavors in this recipe is just surreal.

You should try making this for your family. You can find the complete recipe on the next page for that.

Photo and recipe courtesy of La Crème Dela Crumb.


Quick Tip: You can serve this over rice.