Stake Your Claim On This Hamburger Steak Before It’s Too Late

I used to eat at diners when I was just starting to work. Diners are interesting in a way because sometimes they have a variety of food that you can’t find in any restaurants. My husband and I have our favorite diner, which was located near my first corporate office. Usually, if he has a long break, he would visit me at my building and we would eat in the diner. It’s a pretty simple guilty pleasure that we never deprived ourselves with. Delicious food is always our favorite way of indulging ourselves.

That diner served the best coffee and chocolate mousse. Also, they served the best hamburger steak that I have ever eaten. There was something special on the sauce of their steak that we were always blown away.

It was a few years later when we got back that I learned that the sauce has pineapples on it. I knew it was something citrusy, but I never guessed it was pineapple. I was glad to know about it because the mystery has finally been solved.

This Hawaiian hamburger steak from Le Creme Dela Crumb reminds me of that favorite dish of ours. The combination of pineapple and the natural flavor of meat is just too good to be true. You have to try this recipe for you and your family.

You can find the full list of instructions and ingredients on the next page.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Le Crème Dela Crumb.


Quick Tip: You can serve this over rice if you want.