Flavor Hits The Pan With This Chicken Garlic Parmesan

When I am not relying so much on my slow cooker, I rely on my oven. Oven usually involves not a lot of oil, and I feel less guilty whenever I use the oven instead of a frying pan. Cooking meat in the oven is one of the things I love doing. The concentrated heat from the oven cooks the meat slowly yet surely, allowing the meat to tenderize without destroying the taste of it. It’s pretty much like what the slow cooker usually does, except that cooking using the oven leaves that smoky taste on it.

This sheet pan chicken garlic parmesan is an example of this. Since it’s oven-cooked, there is no need for extra oil. You can enjoy your chicken with its full taste without the fat.

My husband thinks that he can eat this every day. He loves enjoying this dish in different ways you can imagine. My sons cannot stop eating this too- it’s definitely a winner family recipe.

My family loves this recipe because of two things: chicken and parmesan. We all know that chicken tastes good with cheese, but this recipe just brought it to a higher level. This is a friendly recipe that is perfect for anyone.

If you want a full copy of this recipe, please head on over to the next page. You can find the list of ingredients and instructions in there. This is a family dish that everyone will enjoy; so I hope you will try this for your family.

Photo and recipe courtesy of La Crème Dela Crumb.


Quick Tip: Pair the fries with ketchup OR (and this is my favorite) drizzle ranch or blue cheese dressing over both the fries and the chicken.