Mi Amore: Yes, You Will Love This Chicken Cacciatore

My husband and I sometimes have our date night. During these nights, the boys sleep over at their uncle’s house, which is just nearby. My brother and his wife often tell us that my nephew and even my almost a year old niece love it when my sons come over. Well, my sons feel the same whenever it’s the other way around. Kids live very simple lives- they just need to play with other kids their age and they will be fine. So back to the date night, we usually get this at least once a month. And my brother and his wife are just too happy to host their nephews.

Usually, my husband and I keep our night simple. We just go to our favorite Italian restaurant and eat t our heart’s content. Sometimes we go on a road trip right after, but that is if he’s not too tired yet.

This Italian restaurant is one of our favorite restaurants. It’s not as fancy as most restaurants, but it’s something that has a sentimental value for both of us. It’s the place where I told him I was pregnant; and out of happiness, he told the head waiter to serve wine at every table.

The food we always eat there is chicken cacciatore because that’s what we’ve been eating during that time too. It’s quite amusing if you think about it. But I know you get the feeling most especially if you’re already mothers.

Speaking of chicken cacciatore, you can find a copy of a recipe for this on the next page.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Le Crème Dela Crumb.


Quick Tip: You can add serve this with homemade crusty bread.