Butter Them Up With this Scrumptious Yellow Cake!

Who uses cake mixes in here? Come on, don’t be shy. I particularly think that there’s nothing wrong in using cake mixes at least once in a while. We can’t help it; if you are a busy mom like me, you will always look for easy way out of things like easy dessert methods. Let’s admit it that using cake mixes almost cuts the baking time in half. You don’t have to sift things and measure things- everything has been done for you. All you ever need to do is to take them off of the box.

When I was in college, cake mixes were our go-to dessert. Struggling college students didn’t have the right to be choosy. Whenever someone makes cake out of cake mixes, we considered ourselves lucky.

But of course, it’s different now. While I love using cake mixes at times, there’s nothing better than making cake from scratch. And I found this easy recipe from The Kitchn that doesn’t require you to stay in the kitchen all day.

Because of this recipe, you will avoid messing up your kitchen more than usual. And the best thing about this recipe- it tastes really good and really moist. The velvety texture will have you craving for more.

Oh you have to try this right now for your family. You can find the ingredients on the next page!

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Kitchn.


Quick Tip: You can use any frosting for this cake if you like, but buttercream is recommended.