Become A Fan Of These One Pan Brown Sugar Pork Apples

Are you a fan of amazing pork recipes that are truly mouthwatering? My family is; but that’s not a new information. I always say how much my family enjoys rich and flavorful food. The only thing I can do as a mother is to prepare food that are well-balanced and to serve them in moderation. This is to ensure that despite our fondness for rich food, we are still eating the right amount of food and absorbing the right nutrients. I love dishes that give me both-flavor and health. This is the reason why I am in constant search for such recipes everyday.

One of my family’s favorite things in the world is pork. I have a lot of pork recipes that they love such as roast pork and pork with sesame sauce. However, sometimes, I also want to let them try other things that they don’t usually eat.

This is where this one pan brown sugar pork and apples recipe comes in. I rarely use apple for my savory dishes because they’re truly a dessert ingredient for me. This time, however, I am pretty sure that they suit this savory dish so well.

The tangy taste of the apples harmonize so well with the natural savory flavor of pork. You can’t find any other combination that are perfect for each other like this combination. You have to try this recipe for your family really soon.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Le Crème Dela Crumb.


Quick Tip: You can serve this over rice if you like.