Chocolate Soufflé: Good For The HEART And Soothing To The Soul

My husband and I have certain group of friends who love organizing small get-togethers. The concept is similar to potlucks- each of us will bring a homemade dish that we can share with everyone. I always make pasta for this type of gathering because no one can say no to a good pasta. Sometimes I make a dessert, if I got wind of what my friends will bring. Some of us love to bring casserole dishes so we end up having very little dessert at times.

At one of my potlucks with my friends, I simply brought a tuna casserole, which had its fair share of fans during the gathering. However, it was a dessert that caught my attention since it doesn’t usually make an appearance on small get-togethers. The host for our mini gathering made chocolate soufflé- and that’s a bit surprising.

I love the soufflé and it blew me away. But what blew me away the most was when my friend told me how she made it. It’s not as difficult as it looks actually.

I am sharing with you on the next page the full recipe from The Kitchn. You will realize how easy it is to make these lovely soufflés once you’ve seen the instructions. I hope you make this for your family because this is worth it.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Kitchn.


Quick Tip: Make sure your oven is preheated: Once the whites are whipped and mixed into the base, the soufflés need to go into the oven right away. Any wait time will mean less poof.