These Burritos Are So Good, It’s Almost Surreal!

There is just something so good about having a big, filling burrito for lunch.  I mean, I do not say dinner because sometimes we eat dinner too late and then it does not settle well before bed.  But for lunch? Oh yeah, I will chow down a burrito in no time with all of its delicious fillings, cheese, creams and protein.  There is just something so good about the simplicity of a burrito.

Anything can be wrapped in that tortilla, and it is still an exciting, yet practical meal.  I love that I can just pick it up with my hands and get my food going! Well, here is a burrito recipe that you cannot enjoy with your hands.

Why not you ask? Well, because it is smothered in the perfect green sauce that makes for a wonderful concoction of flavors to blend perfectly over my burrito.  You may notice that this burrito has a green sauce.

Maybe it does not look appetizing to you…well, I thought the same, but after finally making it, I realized this was positively wonderful.  Easy to make, full of flavors and wonderfully delicious.  This is the best burrito I have ever had, hands down!

Recipe courtesy of Taste and Tell. Image courtesy of Cheery Kitchen.


Quick Tip: Use any of your favorite beans for these burritos.