Cornbread Has Never Looked This Smokin’ Hot Before!

When I was a kid, my Mom told me I super hated chili. For someone with a gift of long memory, I couldn’t remember why. She told me it was my Uncle Bob’s fault. He forgot that the chili he made was for the adults only because it was super spicy. I was just four-years-old back then and I wouldn’t have been able to tolerate it. But Uncle Bob had absentmindedly put chili on my plate instead of stew, and I ate it. It wasn’t pleasant, and ever since I didn’t want anything resembling chili.

But as I grew up, I learned to appreciate the taste of chili. True, some versions burn my tongue as if it’s on fire; but I really like the flavors going on in chili. Savory, sweet, spicy, and a whole of other variations play inside my tongue.

This chili cornbread bake recipe from Valerie’s Kitchen made me love chili more. It’s a combination of my favorite cornbread, chili, and of course the star of the show for me-cheese! The cheese tastes so good with the slight sweetness of cornbread and the savory flavor of chili.

Oh you will never go wrong with this casserole recipe. It’s a classic that everyone will love regardless of age. Just make sure you adjust the spiciness for the kids at home.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Valerie’s Kitchen.


Quick Tip: Top it with a little light sour cream and serve it with tortilla chips for scooping up the chili.